Would have, could have, should have..

How many times in your life have you said would have, could have, should have? Probably more times then you care to remember, like the rest of us but these lessons we hopefully carry with us, so that we make better choices the next time.

Yes, if your like me you have made plenty of mistakes and if you haven’t I almost feel sorry for you, because mistakes are learning lessons that we all need in life.

I have made plenty, starting with not going to an away college, I didn’t want to leave my mom or friends so I missed out on the whole dorm, sisterhood sorority thing, being on your own, the freshman 20,(okay I don’t miss that) all of the college experience, it has been a big regret in my life.

I should have listened to my warning signs, the red flags that were slapping me in the face when I met my ex husband (ok, ok and a few other men, I admit) in my life, but mo, I poo poo them away, I made excuses, I justified them over and over.

I should have never let my power go, I should have stood up and set ground rules, I should have known my own self worth and not let anyone tell me any different.

I should have realized my purpose earlier, and wrote this book years ago and while I was at it,socked more money away than I did while waiting for my divorce.

Would have…could have… should have. . Its done, its over you did what you knew how to do in the beginning, my favorite quotes is “When you know better,you do better”

I needed to stay home, I needed to learn the lessons of my marriage so that I could write this book, my purpose? Is to be able to give women encouragement and faith that they can do it as well.

My red flags well I am a little slow, no excuses there, sometimes I don’t get it on the first try… I am working on that one.

These are all lessons in life, yes would have it been nicer not to have to go through all of what we did? Yes! But get real that’s not life ,so you can either sit around for years beating yourself up or you can learn your lesson and move on!

Remember you cant drive your car looking in the rear view mirror!

Put that top down, turn up that music and check out all the wonderful and incredible views out in front of you! Weeeeeeee….

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