You can let your thoughts confine you or define you

Thursday Treadmill Treats


You can let your thoughts confine  you or define you…


You are as you think… The secret…. The law of attraction, The bible, pick up any book now a days and the message is the same.


It’s all about how you think, If you think you cant do it, you won’t, if you think your situation will never change, it wont. You  dont have a shot in hell, you are already doomed before you even begin with that attitude.


I stayed in a verbally abusive marriage for twenty four years because he said over and over that I could never make it on my own, look how he found me… and look at the life I had now, that he had given me.

(btw he found me with my own salon, my own house and a brand new car, not living under a bridge like he would have you and me believe!)


But after hearing that for so long, I believed it, I became it,

I never thought I was strong enough to leave, until I started believing I was. See thoughts become things…


Every day I read self help books, I did things that made me stronger, I told myself I loved myself, I changed my thoughts and I changed my course in life. I did that! And you can too !


Do you think five years ago that thought I could do a triathlon? Hell no! But I did and I placed 3rd in my age group!

Now my thoughts say anything is possible! I will do this, I will be a New York Times bestseller author! These are now the thoughts that define me… nothing is impossible! I can do anything!

I am a strong, confident, independent, beautiful women, the same one I use to be but better because I am wiser!


I know who I am and what I will and will not put with! I now know that I cant make anyone happy, they have to do that for themselves. I have to do me and now know I can do the best me ever!


So today my friends I leave you with this thought…it’s up to you, you can either let your thoughts confind you or define… you which one do you chose?



“Be the change you want to see”


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