You never know. ..

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Your never know..


It’s funny how we are as humans, we see someone and we right away make a judgment call on who they are. We see the outward picture and from that we think we got the whole picture of who they are and where they’ve been.


But we don’t know, we have no clue on who they are and what kind of life they have endured, yet we think by looking at them we do.


If we see someone all put together, we assume they had an easy life or if we see someone that is disheveled we automatically assume they are poor or had a rough life.

How off the mark we are, so many times, what you see is what they want you to see, a facade they put on for the world or maybe it took them many years of change to get to this position, we don’t know, yet we assume.


Last night I met a lovely women, she looked so put together, she was beautiful, well spoken and intelligent. She was a physician assistant and looking at her you would think she always had it together.


As we started talking and I happen to tell her I wrote a book and what it was about, she told me she wrote one as well and when she told me what she had gone through,that she  wrote about in her book, I was blown away.


She had such a horrible life, was homeless, put herself through school and so many other unspeakable things, that had happened to her along the way,

I stood there speechless.


My aunt use to say if we all put our problems on the table, we would be quick to take our own back and I have to tell you I thought I had a bad life, no I’d be taking my life, quick!


Looking at her I would have thought she was born with a silver spoon yet reality so so different from perception, isn’t it?


When people hear my testimony they are shocked how could I be so positive and happy?

We spoke of this last night and it’s how you look at life yes, you can say poor me, I went through. …..insert your sob story, hell, we all have one to insert but it’s what we do with what life deals us.

Are you bitter? Are you angry? Unforgiving? Do you use it as a cruch? Is it who you are, your identity?


Or have you learned  a lesson? Decided to forgive and move on? Have you decided, no matter what you will be positive and happy?


It’s all about we we do with the life we are handed. This women could have been bitter and angry and believe me she had every reason to, hell I was mad about what happened to her.


Yet she wasn’t, she changed her life around and in spite of all that happened she made an incredible life for herself and even managed to help others, unbelievably!


So today my friends remember it’s not all about what you see on the outside, don’t assume,

you never know what that person been through. Choose how you want to live your life, choose how you want your story to end no matter how it started, you may have not had a choice in the beginning but you sure as hell have a choice now.

You can change it, it’s never to late, your never to old…start today…change your life.


Be the change you want to see”


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