Your never to old…

You are never to old… yes that is the truth you are never to old to change, to learn new things, to start over, to fall in love , to find God, to do whatever it may be.

lets start with change, for many years I was afraid of change, so I stood in the same miserable spot, because hey even if I was miserable at least I knew what was coming!

The old saying is you cant teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s not true, technology is changing I have eighty year olds hiring me to teach them the ipod and ipads, I want to keep learning new things until I’m dead!

Starting over well I am almost fifty  I just started a whole new career, business and life! Are you kidding all at once!  I was married twenty four years , hows being single after that many years! 

To fall in love well it hasn’t happened yet but I am not bitter, I do not think all men are like my ex, yes I still believe in happily ever after and fully except to have that one day!

to find God I came back to church and God three years ago, I was afraid I am so far from perfect but I needed to find peace and joy in my life and had no where eles to turn, and have never regretted my decision. 

To do anything,  look I am doing a triathlon in eighteen days did I ever think I could Hell no! I couldn’t even swim without looking like a drowning cat! I had perseverance and determination to do this and alot of faith that I wasnt going to drown!

Life is 90 percent of what happens to you, 10 percent what you do about!

take the chance, just don’t it, yes it will be scary as Hell I wont lie but it is so worth it trust me !

you are never to old to change anything!!

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