Your never too old to learn a lesson

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Your never to old to learn a lesson


I have a friend of mine who is just a few years older then me, she went back to school after her kids were grown. She has a rocking body as she exercises every day, she started yoga late in life and is now like gumby.


She left a verbally abusive marriage after thirty five years, while I was still in mine, she gave me hope, she was my hero!


I remember helping her move into her new apartment, she didn’t have much but I had never saw her look so happy. She was free, she was doing this on her terms…oh, how I wanted to be her.


But some people dont learn the lessons God gives them and so they repeat them again and again, she was one of them.


She soon found another man, who was not just as bad as her ex husband,but worse. When I tried to explain to her, her self worth, that she deserved so much more, I told her to look at all she has been through to get her to this point, why would she go backwards? Why would be unhappy when she had just found happiness? Why would she go back into a relationship that made her feel horrible yet again?


She told me that she’s too old, that she was afraid she would never find love again, that this is the way it was ,that she couldn’t go through being single  again, she said she didn’t have the strength to break away this time, that she was afraid and so she stayed.


I didn’t know what to say…nothing I said made a difference. I knew and I swore if I ever got out of my situation I would never go back, I would take happiness alone then been misrable with someone else again.

My philosophy is you are never go old to learn a lesson, you are never too old to try something new or to change something.


I write this blog to inspire people, to show you that you have to change sometimes, that you must overcome the fear that keeps you stuck. You must want to learn, to try something new, you need to take control and say yes I can do this! It is that either you change or you will stay stagnate and die.


I read recently the list of things people wished for on their death beds, the number one thing it spoke of was that people weren’t present in their own lives!


That they wished they tried new things, loved more, they wished they weren’t so afraid of change and did the things they truly wanted to do and made them happy. They wished they spent more time with their loved ones, were more involved in their kids lives, lived more, lived big.


Did they wish for more money? A bigger house? A horrible relationship?  No, they all wished for change…change to be able to do it all again, differently. Wow that says alot doesn’t it?


My Bishops message last night was that even if you went through a bad season, a bad job, a bad marriage, it was all for a reason, it was all for a lesson.

It was so that you will know the difference when a great job comes along, so that when you do meet a great man that you know the difference and appreciate what you now have.


I believe in change, I believe anything is possible. If through human eyes you see my dream of being a New York Times bestselling author and a motivational speaker at this stage of my game, you might think I am out of my mind.

I started my whole live over at forty eight, including a new career, a new life, a new home. It seemed crazy that I wanted to do a triathlon, at that age when I sucked at swimming and hated to run.

Yes, it all looked crazy but I know you are never to old.

I know I have an unwavering, blind faith that it is going to happen

and guess what? It did!

I even placed 3rd in my age group in my first triathlon and the other stuff? Oh yeah…it’s coming…


There is no doubt in my mind that all these things and all the things that I cant even imagine will happen to me! Because I believe!


So today my friends, believe you can do anything and you can do it  too. Don’t settle, don’t stay because you don’t think you can get better or do better, your never to old to learn the lessons. Your never too old to change.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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