Your packing for how long?

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Your packing for how long?


The other morning at church my pastor was telling a story about how his wife and him were going away and how it was only for 4 days yet she had packed the whole house, he said it looked like she was moving out, not just going away for a long weekend


When she got there and started looking for something, she was mad because she forgot something, he laughed and said “How? You packed your whole closet”


All the men in church were laughing too because they’ve been through this. When he asked us why we had to take so much, we all laughed because thats what women do, we cant make up our minds so we take it all.


I laughed because I am packing for my up coming trip (Yes, I pack this far in advance because I will pack, then take stuff out and repack, put more in, realize it weighs too much then take more out…its a vicious cycle)


As women we all can relate, well most of us, there are a few exceptions, like my best friend. We went on a 5 day cruise once, she walked in with this duffle bag, like the size I usually carry to the gym every day.


I said “Is the rest of your stuff in the car?” She looked at me like I had three heads “This is all I got” I looked down at my humongous suitcase plus my carry on and my pocketbook and said “Oh hell no, your not embarrassing me, you need a bigger suitcase!”


Hello! I had 10 pairs of shoes alone! I had day outfits, afternoon outfits, night outfits, beach outfits.


I had shoes to match all outfits. What if I wasn’t feeling that outfit, what if I was bloated, what if I thought I liked the outfit when I bought it but not so much when I got there…there are so many what if’s.


Your all laughing if your like me because you feel my pain. Its too hard of a decision, so bring it all, decided on the fly while your there.That’s my motto, better to have too many options then too less.


I am not a shopper on vacation, why waste precious time on shopping when I can be doing fun things. I don’t like to shop with anyone, I am in and out, when I am done in a store I’m out of there, next one. I am not waiting on someone else. So no, I cant just buy something else while I’m on vacation, it better be packed already.


It was the worst when I got to go to Europe with my best friend 2 years ago. He is a flight attendant, he is use to carry on’s and he said ” You have to just take a carry on for 10 days in Europe”

My response, after I stopped laughing was “Have you lost your frigging mind?”


“No girl, you come as my companion but you can’t check bags thats the way it is, besides I do it all the time” Hello! 1st of all your a flight attendant, your use to that. 2nd your a man, you don’t need 10 pairs of shoes!!


Well if I wanted to go those were the rules and I was going even if it killed me!

I packed and repacked about 100 times, I am so not lying when I say that. I ended up getting 7 pairs of shoes and enough clothes for 10 days (Well not really enough, but the bear minimum)


Not thinking that Hello! you will be buying stuff there to take home and where on God’s green earth were you going to put them? There was not enough room for a cockaroach to sneak in for goodness sake!


Well I had to check a bag on the way home, with 4 more pairs of shoes, a living room rug and lots of goodies for my girls! Get over it girlfriend! This was a once in a lifetime trip, I was good getting there, that should count for something.


So today my friends I will still be struggling with my suitcase yet again because I am a women and you never know…so to the many men out there, don’t try to understand, don’t ask why do we have to bring so much, just smile and say no problem….


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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